Indoor Remote Control RC Blimps

outdoor RC Zeppelin Airships


   Perfect for trade shows, convention centers and arenas.

* 100 - 700 watt indoor RC Blimp systems

* Quick to learn, Easy to fly.

* Available in sizes from 2-9 meters (6 - 30 ft)

* starting at $3500

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Standard Indoor RC Blimps                     (click here for more)


   Best Choice for Stadiums, Fairs, and Music Festivals

Standard Outdoor RC Blimps              (click here for more)

6 meter promotional rc zeppelin for advertising and entertainment


  Make your Mascot Dance Through the Air!

Custom Shaped "Animated Inflatables"           (click here for more)

economy indoor remtote control trade show rc advertising blimp
custom shaed dancing sheep rc blimp at honda center anaheim ducks NHL hockey arena


Achieve Dynamic moves, even with a tether.

Tethered RC Blimps                          (click here for more)

tethered remote control blimp with camera
nickelodean adam sandler remote control rc indoor blimp kids choice awards

* Eyecatching Movement

* Custom Printing, Lighting, and Shapes

* Easy to Operate

* Powered & Unpowered aerostat models

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5 meter tethered rc blimp with video camera
5 meter outdoor RC blimp for entertainment and videography

* 100 - 5000 watt RC Zeppelin systems

* Powerful and Reliable even in moderate wind currents.

* Available in sizes from 2.5 - 15 meters (8 - 50 ft)

* starting at $3700

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Flying toyota camry car blimp balloon for NHL penguins and capitols

* Custom Shaped Airships

* Custom Printed Blimp Balloons

* Custom  inside and outside the RC Blimps

* Urethane, PVC, Nylon and Mylar materials

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