GPS Guided RC Blimps

Autonomous Zeppelin Airships

Sometimes, it is desirable to have your RC Blimp maintain flight without your 100% focus. this will allow you to focus on tasks such as controlling the camera, or uploading imagery to your LED screen, or flying outside of eyesight or behind obstacles.  

We have several options for autonomous airships, at a variety pf price points.Our sipelest systems will allow airplane type control with very little expense, and our higher end options will take full advantage of the airships ability to hover, and fly slowly.

Automomous integrations will add a cost ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on your needs. It is best to discuss this with us before assuming a price point for your needs.

If you need a custom flight controller engineered for any type of non-standard aircraft, please contact us.

Autonomous Airships

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