Electric RC Advertising Blimps

Airial entertainment & Videography

remote control system for RC airship


* MicroFlight Inc, in business since 1997

* Over 200 Blimps delivered world wide

* Over 1000 events over the past years.

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Dozens of satisfied clients and end-users Including...

* Disney

* Katy Perry,

* Bloomberg,

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*Electronic Components are tested,

  and proven  reliable.

* Aluminum and Carbon Fiber parts

   Machined in the USA

* Superior Helium retention with our

  Urethane Inflatables.

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15 ft fast RC zeppelin airship


* Scrolling LED displays...

programable scrolling

signs for text, logos

and animations.

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* RC Tethered Blimps ...more exciting than a standard tethered blimp, less stress than a standard RC. (learn more here)

* Audience Interactive Blimps & Cameras...let your audience control your lights, and camera, and even take selfies from the blimp with our web enabled controls. (learn more here)

* AutoPilot...Let your blimp navigate itself while you keep your mind focused on the camera controls and other critical tasks.

New Products for 2016...

      Watch our intro video and see the excitment of eBlimp. Browse our website to see why eBlimp is the worlds leading brand of RC Blimps

15 ft electric radio control dirigible at carnival
Giant Rc Airships over fireworks

Quality Components and Construction

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5 meter Electric RC zeppelin with LED messaging sign

Be sure to visit our FAQ page to learn about RC Zeppelins, Dirigibles, Airships and Blimps. Learn the differences between these definitions.

Learn How a Radio Control airship differs from a remote control Zeppelin, or an RC airship... or... is it all the same? Learn why eBlimp is the Ultimate in Airship technolodgy. eBlimp surpasses any other brand of RC MiniZeppelin Dirigible Airship.