RC Blimps with GPS Autopilot

RC Zeppelin Autopilot

Remote control system for rc zeppelin airship


* MicroFlight Inc, in business since 1997

* Over 200 Blimps delivered world wide

* Over 1000 events over the past years.

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Dozens of satisfied clients and end-users Including...

* Disney

* Katy Perry,

* Bloomberg,

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*Electronic Components are tested,

  and proven  reliable.

* Aluminum and Carbon Fiber parts

   Machined in the USA

* Superior Helium retention with our

  Urethane Inflatables.

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3 meter rc zeppelin

Programable scrolling signs for text, logos and animations. Click here to learn more!

Scrolling LED signs on RC Zeppelins   Available Now

4 meter Remote control zeppelin at Electric daisy carnival
airships and fireworks at outdoor concert

Quality Components and Construction



More exciting than a standard tethered blimp, less stress than a standard RC Blimp.

RC Tethered Blimps   Available Now  Click here for more info!


Our new autopilot will let your blimp navigate itself while you keep your mind focused on the camera controls and other critical tasks. Smart RC Zeppelins are coming soon!

Autonomous Blimps       available January 2017      Click here for more info.


We have contracted with a professional programmer that is as knowledagable at writing custom apps as we are at building blimps. These custom apps will let your audience control your lights, and camera, and even take selfies from the blimp with our web enabled controls. More info coming soon. Please inquire here if you have an application for this in which you need this option customized for your needs. Check back soon for more info on our advancements.

Audience Interactive Blimps Ongoing development in progress now.


We are in development now of a fully solar powered 6 meter Zeppelin. We expect to have it in operation before the end of 2016. This Solar Powered Zeppelin will be the firstin its class. Not only will this Solar Zeppelin be a fully Functional Solar powered Blimp, but it will be capabale of practicle mission accomplishment such as carring cameras and large visible advertising. Please check back soon for progress updates on the Solar RC Zeppelin.

Solar powered eBlimps Ongoing development in progress now.

Contact us today:  (949) 583 9571      eBlimp@yahoo.com        Skype: eBlimp