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lowes remote control blimp
zeppelin blimp in middle east kuwait
Anheim Ducks RC remote control arena blimp honda center
4 meter outdoor rc blimp in kenya africa
big inflatable pigs for remote control flying
8 metro dirigible control remoto en colombia
scary rc blimp with eyes remote control drone scaring birds
Bud light football blimp at superbowl party 2014
promotional flying rc radio control blimp at church
caracol tv prensa rc dirigible control remoto in colombia
high speed RC blimp airship flying high with remote control
6 meter 20 ft Tethered RC blimp balloon with camera system
coldcock whiskey rc blimp flying hi in the sky
engager 6 meter rc blimp zeppelin remote control airship
Cricket remote control blimp
trade show rc remote control blimp corporate party
DLR rc remote control RC zeppelin
flying serta sheep remote control blimp honda center anaheim ducks
EDC electric daisy rc radio remote control blimp flying at las vegas party
flying evian sphere spinning over singapore rc remote control blimp
remote control rc Flying halloween blimp monster
flying rc santa sleigh remote control blimp
4 metero dirigble de control remoto in mexico df
hart highschool rc remote control blimp
indiana state college rc remote control blimp
13 ft 4 metro rc dirigible en peru control remoto
JVC remote control RC blimp advertiing campaign
Katy perry flying lipstick rc blimp
kitty purry's Katy perry flying champaign rc blimp
katy perry cloud balloons at super bowl half time show 2015
Katy's taco katy perry's flying taco rc blimp
katy perry inflatable ford car stage prop
katy perry's pink cadilac inflatable car stage prop
katy perry flying spinning emoticon rc blimp balloon
Katy perry flying KP purse handbag rc blimp
Katy Perry sun balloon at superbowl half time show 2015
columbus blue jackets RC remote control arena blimp ICS energy Nationwide arena center
Conan o'brian kim and kanye kimya fetus blimp live tv show
Land rover RC blimp
multi color blimps at Nickelodean Kids choice awrds after party RC remote control blimp
bottom dollar pig custom shaped inlflatable for commercial filming
4 meter 13 ft indoor remote control blimp zeppelin in singapore with camera
mexico df rc blimp dirigible control remoto
10 ft rc blimp in barbados
Adam sandler winner at nickelodean kids choice awards orange blimp on live tv.
pepsi remote control rc blimp
perky jerky rc remote control blimp denver colorado
Its not just a goodyear blimp... its Pirelli Dirigible! Faster tires need a faster Dirigible! - built by eBlimp of course.
prudetial rc blimp remote control
13 ft 4 meter rc blimp flying in caribbean trinidad and tobago caribe
bowen rc blimp
infaltable costume custom shaped robot inflatable
NHL flying toyota camry RC blimp pittsburg penguins washington capitols RC remote control arena blimp consol energy center verizon
scenetap rc blimp 4 meter 13 ft remote control airship
schmidt ocean institute RC remote control blimp oceanography whale watching
Skype tethered custom shape balloon
skyship Zeppelin in israel 6 meter 20 ft remote control rc blimp
Tel aviv Maccabi RC remote control arena blimp israel
soy502 blimp in guatamela with internal lighting
Buffalo sabres subway RC remote control arena blimp key bank center new york
security blimp for swat team with aerial video camera
16 ft 5 metro rc dirigible en peru america del sur control remoto
the filipino channel remote control flying rc blimps
flying toyota car for nhl
uw madison wisconson rc blimp college sports athletics remote control drone entertainment
outdoor 5 meter 16 ft radio control blimp zeppelin in singapore with camera
young life blimp rc Radio control at church blimp

Below is a small sampling of some our recent projects. Unlike our competitors sites, we do not steal photos of other projects. All of the products on this page have been produced by our team.

Super Bowl Projects!!! (2014 & 2015)

35 ft glowing Football blimp for Bud Light Super Bowl Party, New York, 2014

11 Flying Glowing Cloud Blimps for Katy Perry performance, Half time show 2015.

Below: Live Televised performance in Phoenix, AZ Feb,2 2015.                   Below: One of the cloud blimps in production in our warehouse.

Other live televised events...

eBlimp on Live Conan O'Brian Show

Nickelodean Kid's Choice Awards hired eBlimp Airship to deliver award winner Adam sandler on Live TV awards show.

The Filipino Chanel Awards hired (2) eBlimp RC zeppelins flying over the televised show.

Los angeles LA kings RC remote control arena blimp staples center

Profesional Sports teams...

Anaheim Ducks have used eBlimp brand Radio Controlled Zeppelins since the 1900s!

Katy Perry Tour 2014 - 2015 used several eBlimp brand flying blimps on her recent tour

Concerts and Festivals...

eBlimp brings more excitement to the Electric Daisy Carnival through Illuminated RC Airships

Barbados Music Awards used eBlimp brand RC Dirigbles for added excitement

Nickelodean Kids choice awrds after party los angeles RC remote control blimp

Nickelodean Kids Choice After Party hired eBlimp to Fly (4) RC mini Zeppelins of differnt colors.

Live Filming of Rush Concert from eBlimp RC airship with Video Camera

LA  Kings have used eBlimp brand Remote Control Zeppelins for many years

Pittsburgh Penguins have used multiple flying RC airships from eBlimp

Buffalo Sabres have used eblimp RC zeppelins for advertising Subway

A Few More Big Name Brands...

spinnig evian RC blimp flying in singapore
home center control remoto dirigble RC baranquilla colombia
primaloft rc blimp flying at ski resorts in the mountains with snow
Ghost blimp drone togos anaheim ducks
airmozilla RC blimp with LED screen remote control advertising

Some Creative Solutions

flying robots remote control rc blimps inflatables
RC blimp flying remote control flag at soccer game
flying toyota camry car for nhl washinton capitols

School, Church & Non Profit Events use eBlimp electric blimps because they are afordable and safe enough to fly over children.

Research and Discovery Groups choose eblimp Remote Control Blimps due to there high performance and payload options

German Aerospace institure rc remote control zeppelin
Hearsay social rc blimp drone with autopilot scott lobdell

Schmidt Ocean Institute successfully uses eBlimp brand RC Zeppelin to watch for whales.

DLR (German Aerospace Institue) Uses eBlimp brand Radio Control Zeppelin to perform research

German aerospace Students with eBlimp outdoor electric Zeppelin

Tethered Systems...or "aerostats" made by eblimp, have uses in all fieldsfrom advertising and entertainment to security and safety.

Camden County Homeland security & Swat team use eBlimp aerostat to keep an eye on large crowded events.


Skype is one of many conmunications compaies that have used eblimp to provide aerial aerostat platforms to support video and other comunications relay equipment.

Documentation eBlimp has been used by companies throughout the world. Our custom RC tethered Aerostats can be used to precision manuever a blimp at high altitudes.

pumkin blimp with lighting for entertainment
illuminated tethered balloon with LED lights for production lighting


All of eBlimps airships can be internally illumminated.  Our 21 ft aerostat shown here is equiped with external 50 watt LED system for outdoor lighting on this production site.

Advertising. eBlimps are mostly used for advertising. Whether tethered, or Radio control, eBlimp airships stand out for hundreds to see.


With or without advertisments, eBlimp aerostats and RC zeppelins provide an element of entertainment.

Over-seas Promotion & Advertising Agencies

RC zeppelin blimp with LED lighting scrolling messages in australia

Trinidad...Yes, the carribean partiers love exciting eBlimp brand RC Dirigibles.

Peru. eBlimp brand dirigibles are very popular throughout America del Sur. The only thing more exciting than watching a blimp fly in Peru, is eating Peruvian ceveche!

Singapore loves seeing this 5 meter eBlimp remote controlled blimp flying over concerts and parties.

Australia NQUAV (North Queensland UAV) uses this new LED Zeppelin with scrolling sign to record and entertain at the V8s and other fun events.

Singapore... this 4 meter indoor RC Blimp system carries a DSLR camera at parties and concerts.

Kuwait eBlimp brand RC zeppelins are found flying in the 130ยบ temperatures of Kuwait.

Israel Skyship has liscensed eBlimp RC Zeppelins for use all over Israel, indoors and outdoors.

Colombia even at the 8000 ft above sea level, in Bogota Colombia, eBlimp outperforms the other RC zeppelin companies..

Kenya Oh what a beautiful country of Kenya, and to be able to create this exciting advertising in the City of Nairobi using a 4 meter eBlimp RC Zeppelin

10 ft 3 metros dirigible de control remoto en dominican republic caribbean caribe

Dominican Republic has several eBlimp RC dirigibles control remoto from 3 - 5 metros.

Mexico is perhaps eBlimp's  strongest market for RC dirigibles.

20 ft 6 metro rc dirigible en ecuador america del sur control remoto

Ecuador. Nothing says fun tourism in ecuador better than an eBlimp RC dirigible.

Stage Props

Inflatable, Wearable, Robot Costume - produced by eBlimp. Yes, eBlimp produces more than just RC blimps, and zeppelins, and dirigibles, we create lots of exciting robotics and inflatables.

Inflatable cars for Katy Perry, were used in here recent tour which even included performance in the super bowl NFL halftime show.

Greenscreen flying inflatable Pig for Bottom Dollar Grocery store.

Just a few more...

Arizona Phoenix coyotes howler RC remote control blimp glendale gila river arean

Katy Perry Covergirl Lipstick Custom Shaped Inflatable RC Blimp

Katy Perry Kitty Purry Custom Shaped Champagne Inflatable RC Blimp

Katy's Taco Katy Perry Taco Custom Shaped Inflatable RC Blimp

Katy Perry Spinning emoticon Custom Shaped Inflatable RC Blimp

KP Handbag  Katy Perry Purse Custom Shaped Inflatable RC Blimp

Remote Controlled Zeppelins at Nickelodean Kids Choice After Party

Tel Aviv Maccabis Use eBlimp brand Zeppelins and are the first team in Israel to have liscenced  RC Zeppelins!

Columbus Blue Jackets use eblimp Airship with Live Video camera system to broadcast entertaining crowd shots

Arizona Coyotes have the Flying Growler RC Airship, custom built by eBlimp

Its not just a goodyear blimp... its Pirelli Dirigible! Faster tires need a faster Dirigible! - built by eBlimp of course.

Go Beyond! with Land Rover and an eBlimp advertising campaign. eBlimp RC Dirigibles out run the rest.

eBlimp- The blimp of the new generation!

Cricket purchased several remote control zeppelins from eBlimp - and came back for more!

eBlimp gets Lowes high! with aerial advertising on electric zeppelin!

eBlimp RC dirigible with aerial video camera and live transmitter on electric zeppelin in Barranquilla Colombia!

eBlimp Remote Control dirigible with aerial video camera and live transmitter on electric zeppelin in Bogota Colombia!

Perky Jerky folks love eBlimp so much, they bought (2) eblimp brand RC Zeppelins!

The Sportiest Cameras use the Sportiest of RC Blimps- eblimp brand RC Zeppelins!

eBlimps are great for corporate parties and tradeshows. No other minizeppelin ahs the features needed for such a show.

eBlimps love to dress up like ghosts. No other RC Zeppelin can look this agressive!

The First eBlimp to sport the LED sign was air Mozilla! equipped with the Video camera, LEDs, and printed artwork, this is truly a deluxe RC zeppelin.

Prudential hires eBlimp to fly at a corporate party in jersey. Prudential - like a rock; eblimp - Like a rocket!

The fastest RC zeppelin around!

Bottom Dollar Grocery Store custom Pig RC airships are the work of.... eBlimp!

35 ft blimp - 30 ft flag... can you say impressive power from eBlimp brand Radio Control Zeppelins?

This Scary RC Zeppelin was actually a scare-a-crow used to chase birds from a certain crop in Florida. Another eBlimp solution!

eBlimp built this spinning Evian orb which has flown high in the city of Singapore.

This Serta sheep was named Goaldie. She flew for years with the Anaheim ducks, and has been voted the most entertaining RC Airship ever!

These Flying Robots from eBlimp had blinking eyes, waving arms, and kising lips. These were the hit of the TRI phone company presentations.

Noodleman - perhaps the scariest flying bugman ever built.

This Santa's sleigh actually flew. Built from carbon fiber, 1 oz nylon, and a helium bladder was an amazing addition to the show!

Toyota has now bought (4) flying toyotas from eBlimp for use in the NHL. These custom RC Airships are a hit!

Young Life Non-Profit scored a great deal from eblimp on their indoor RC Blimp

eBlimp brand indoor RC Airships are the only brand reliable and safe enough to be flown in many churches and schools over children

Madison Badgers chose eBlimp brand RC zeppelins!

eBlimp brand indoor RC Zeppelins are safe enough to be flown over shildren in many churches and schools.

Hear Say Social uses eblimp to test autonomous flight controller designed for Radio Control Airships.

Did you se it on the news? yes , this RC Blimp made quite a show drawing thousands of viewers, on prime time news.

A close up of the Evian orb custom shaped inflatable from eblimp.

eBlimp builds high altitude RC Zeppelins to fly at high altitude snow covered ski resorts.

ColdCock Whiskey uses eBlimp brand RC Zeppelins to promote their products at shows nationwide!

Peru uses this eBlimp dirigible for traffic monitoring!

This RC dirible control remoto is advertising tourism in Mexico

Start up Companies love eBlimp RC zeppelins for  quick and agressive visibility

This is the e1000B600 RC Zeppelin from eBlimp