Custom Shaped Blimps

Custom Inflatable Product Branding

Custom Shaped RC Blimps / Animated Inflatable Airships

These custom shaped RC blimps are typically for indoor use only, however, a few aerodynamic shapes such as birds, airplanes, or fish can sometimes be made to fly outdoors.

Custom RC Blimps can be made from a variety of materials, all with diferent qualities.

* Urethane - our prefered material due to its strength, and helium retention. It is truly the longest lasting material. It is easy to repair, and truly tear resistant. However, due to the welding technique, it is difficult to make complex shapes with this material.  Urethane is best for simple custom shapes like, beverage bottles or sports balls. It is also more expensive and limited in printing, so this can add to cost.

* PVC - Very easy to work with, and easy to print. Any shape can usually be made from PVC at a reasonably low cost. PVC however leaks helium quite quickly, so can have higher long tern operating costs. PVC is also not very tear resistant, as small tears can grow quite quickly.

* TPU - (thermoplastic urethane/ Polyether Urethane) has nearly all the qualities right inbetween good urethane and PVC. Compared to PVC Blimps, it is slightly higher costs, and a bit more durable, and the helium retention is much better. Compared to Urethane, Helium retention with TPU is as almost as good as conventional urethane, but still not as tear resesitant, but it is easier to print on.

* Nylon - Can by printed with ease, and complex shapes can be built, and has higher rigidity than PVC and TPU, however, it is very expensive to work with, and is rarely an economic solution, but sometimes, it is the only possible solution for your larger RC Zeppelins.

* Mylar - Simple shapes only, very limited artwork ability, Very low durability, however ultra light weight for extremely small RC Airship requirements.

Typical custom shaped balloons will range in price from $6900 and up. but are ocaisionally lower price for very simple balloons, and have exceeded $20,000 for complex balloons with elaborate illuminations and/or animations.

For further information, please email a sketch, or other artwork to us explaining your requiremnets to eBlimp@yahoo.com (All artwork and inquiries will be assumed confidential and will never be shared beyond our manufacturing team)