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Again, many thanks for your assistance with the Bud Light Hotel event this past week and weekend. What a successful event, and we couldn't have pulled it off without you!

Caroline Connelly


Hi Larry

Just to let you know we have had our first test flight this past weekend it went very well, the blimp has surpassed our expectations, it really is an awesome product...

Thanks again for the awesome job you did on our blimp.


(Alex Olivier, South Africa, March 29th, 2012)


I was anxious to send you this email, as I am highly delighted and exited with my new 17" Blimp that I recently acquired from E-Blimp ... I got astonished with the easy-to-fly configuration which allowed me to fly it safely after one day training which compared to my previous blimp (acquired from a different vendor) that I was barely able to fly after three months training … E-BLIMP really rocks!!

Also, I want to thank you for all the support and commitment that you have provided us in order to enable us to set up an advertising business in Mexico using E-BLIMP products …

Thanks a bunch!!

(Roman Pareja, Lemon Publicity, Mexico)

Working with Larry and MicroFlight Inc, has been a wonderful experience.

Not only did we end up with an incredible blimp used for advertising and home-shows, we experienced first class customer service.

Larry, the owner of the company went above and beyond to not only make sure we got a great product for a good deal, but we were properly trained in how the product works and is to be used.

We are very happy with the service MicroFlight offered and are also very pleased with the great product we got. It brings us a lot of attention at home shows and it's a unique way to do advertising, which works so well for our company! We will always recommend using MicroFlight and their blimp product!

We can't thank you enough!

- Dillon Brayton, Pure Painters

"....I still get compliments on our vid..."

Gus Castellanos

Channel 3 General Manager

Garden Grove, Ca

Not all RC Zeppelins work as well as advertised. Many of our clients have previously bought the slightly lower priced Remote Control Zeppelins from other RC Zeppelin manufacturers, only to be led to dissappointment, and crashing in the wind. Many of them have replaced their systems with eBlimp brand  zeppelins, and have a renewed love for these RC Airships. Read below to and learn how others have come to find that eBlimp brand airships fly far beyond expected performance. Please, watch the video and read some of our client testimonials below to see what our clients have to say about eBlimp brand Radio Control Blimps

"We asked E-blimp to come up with a solution for a flying 'blimp' pig around a supermarket. The clients and agency were pretty specific about the size and character of the pig, and I, as director of the commercial, wanted the pig to fly naturalistically and engage with the consumers in a comedic way, which meant maintaining realistic eye-lines and a fluid motion when it flew.

The location was difficult: low ceilings, lots of unavoidable verticals and lights that we wanted to avoid. The rig was also something we had to paint out in post production so this was a constraint.

Larry and his team worked tirelessly and meticulously to give us exactly what we wanted. He was very methodical and presented versions of the pig on video at each step of preproduction so before the day of filming we were happy and felt secure with what we were going to get.

On the day the results were fantastic. Every time we asked Larry to maneuver the pig, no matter how specific, he worked it out in no time. (If only I could get actors to give me what I want as easily).

I would not hesitate to recommend E-blimp to anyone needing anything flying on a film set.

Ric Cantor, Director"

Hello Larry,

I wanted to thank you so much for the 13 ft e-Blimp that you sold us. It has been so easy to learn and fly it in any weather condition. I want to thank you also for all the training that you gave us here in Lima. It was great to had you here answering to all our questions and being very patience with us.

Thanks also for the after selling support, without doubt we will buy you more blimp for our events.

Raúl Mata

InFlight Media


Just wanted to thank you for the quick service. Had a great time while you were in town to get our blimp up & running. I really love the power I now have. The blimp that this replaced was usually flown at full throttle so I had no reserve to get out of trouble. I really thought I would have more trouble adjusting to the new blimp & radio. Going form 4 to 6 channels with a different control layout didn't take very long for me to pick up on the new radio. The Sabres fans have enjoyed my good & bad flights.  ;-)     

Thanks again......

Jeff Hammond

Buffalo Sabre Gameday Blimp Pilot

I’ve had the pleasure of working with MicroFlight for over 5 years now.  We’ve utilized their custom R/C blimps for use at games and live events for both entertainment and sponsorship fulfillment purposes, and we continue to be impressed with how easy and efficient the process always is.  Custom artwork needs have always been accommodated for (often on very short notice), and our fans and clients continue to be pleased with the added atmosphere the custom blimp provides.

MicroFlight has also been great about conveying creative ideas and alternate plans to accommodate for any needs, any budget, and any timeline.

All operators have been very professional and considerate of our venue and operational needs and restrictions, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a no-frills vendor that always gets the job done, and done well.


Brooklyn Boyars

Senior Manager, Game Presentation & Events

LA Kings

Hi Larry!

I hope all is well. Did Jack tell you how exciting our event was :) We really put the poor guy through the ringer. He was a total trooper and did a wonderful job piloting our blimp. Hats off to you both for making this happen.




Tina Malhotra

Mother New York

Here's a demo reel taken both of and from the blimp at the Mozilla Festival in London: https://air.mozilla.org/blimp/

The blimp has been a huge hit, and people are asking about outdoor capability, so we might be in touch about another ship soon.



Larry…just wanted to write you a quick note of HUGE appreciation for your support of the Mission Hills Community Church 2012 Vacation Bible School (VBS).  The theme of the event was “sky” and the rental of your 12’ blimp was a huge addition to the week.  Many kids commented the highlight of the event was the blimp dropping treasure coupons from the sky.

Your pilot Jack Komone was a blessing!  He trained our pilot with the patience and confidence of man blessed to share his skill and experience.  He went above and beyond our expectations and truly was part of the VBS team. He got an honorable mention in the Sunday service following the event!

Thank you!  Keep up the great work and you will continue to exceed your customers expectations as you did ours, in huge ways.

We look forward to working with you and E-Blimp again soon!


Bruce Webster, CTS-D

President, AV Solutions

Dear Larry,

This email is just to thank you for trip to Colombia and specially for you permanent attitude full of good energy and collaboration. All members of TV Prensa’s team where delighted by your proucts and by your friendliness and expertise. I myself end up admiring you for your many talents. I hope we can establish a good commercial relationship and that you get to consider TV Prensa as an important partner for Eblimp.

We hope to have you here again in the future.

Luis Guillermo Sandoval Ochoa

Director de Operaciones

PN: (57-1) 2172888 Ext 228

Cel: (57) 321 3139801

skype: lgsandoval


I had an ambitious project with a vey short turnaround time. After receiving so many negative responses from an extensive internet search for blimp companies, Larry @ E-Blimp was willing to take on my project. He did extensive research and development, and came up with a remote controlled blimp that worked perfectly given the  narrow set of parameters I gave him. The blimp exceeded all expectations and was a tremendous success! He  was willing and able to make quick alterations on the fly throughout the process, and he was a complete pleasure to work with. I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Ginger Tougas

Production Designer

(Go Films Contractor)

We used Mircoflight to purchase a blimp for a huge event. Everyone at our event was really impressed with the look and operation of the blimp. They were great to work with, got us the product on time and really live up to their word regarding their warranty!

What a great company!

Kimberly Silvernale, Young LIfe.

MicroFlight’s precision blimps have accompanied our event teams for both indoor and outdoor events where we needed to deliver a high impact message. The result was phenomenal and we plan on using MicroFlight and Larry's team of skilled pilots again".

--F9 Group, Inc.

We worked with E-Blimp on a recent all employee event. The level of service and the customized branded blimp they provided gave our show an added level of excitement and fun.

Jim Usher

Larry and his team at MicroFlight brought to life a whole new sponsorship opportunity and fan experience to our Reign home games in Ontario, California. The Doubletree by Hilton Claremont enjoys dropping offers from the blimp before and during both intermissions. Our fans love to watch the air acrobatics that the MicroFlight pilots pull off. The blimp is a big part of what makes Reign games so much fun to attend!

-Vinnie  (Ontario Reign entertainment coordinator)


We purchased a blimp from your company to compliment the services we offer our clients at corporate events. The primary reason we purchased the blimp from your company was because of the level service you provided prior to the sale with a commitment for the same exceptional service after the sale. We have had several situations to call on you for emergency service and without exception you have always provided the same level of professional service to ensure that we were operational. From training to product service and support you have always been there for us. I invite you to have other potential clients contact me if they have any questions or would like a reference.


Digital Images Group, Inc.

"Picture Perfect Memories" (tm)

Hi Larry,

I wanted to let you know that the event went AWESOME!  Jack was a true professional and I truly enjoyed working with him.  Kudos for him arriving early at 11am and  being self contained with his big box full of stuff.  We were able to get the location to inflate and test drive with plenty of time which meant less stress for everyone!  Our sponsors were pleased and my boss...was very impressed.

I also wanted to make sure from start to finish that you received everything from us.  Let me know if I can help bridge any communication regarding payment, testimonials, etc.


Erica Jean Pacheco

Event Coordinator

Whats up Larry! Did you checkout our video? Im practically an expert flying blimps hehe.

-Luis Sanoja


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