RC Blimp Training

Remote Conrol Zeppelin Training

We have taught literally hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people to fly radio controlled aircraft.

Before the eBlimp was born, MicroFlight Inc. was known as airborne “Airborne RC Flight School.”

For many years, we have taught hobbyist to fly Remote Controlled Airplanes, Drones, Helicopters, RC Zeppelins, and RC Dirigibles. We even taught many people to operate Aerial videography systems that are currently very successful in the videography industry. Some of these people work with us today on our jobs that require larger staffing for aerial videography operations.

eBlimp Remote Control Blimps are the only RC Blimps to offer our level of training and product support, at no extra charge, with every new sale!

Today, we offer our teaching skills to our clients that purchase our RC Airships. You can see by reading our testimonials page, that we don’t just sell a great product, but we make sure you are happy with it too. If you like, you can take a flight lesson with us before you purchase your product. Of course, you will pay a fee for this, which is applicable towards your deposit if you chose to buy an eBlimp brand RC Zeppelin.

We focus on making sure you are confident to operate your equipment because we warranty our equipment from crash damage (read details here) ! The better you can operate it, the less chance we have of repairing your blimp at our expense. You can be assured, that a purchasing an eBlimp product, is the easiest way to get into Radio Control Blimps!

We challenge you to find another company that offers free training and Crash Damage Warranty!