GPS Guided RC Blimps

Autonomous Zeppelin Airships

Sometimes, it is desirable to have your RC Blimp maintain flight without your 100% focus. this will allow you to focus on tasks such as controlling the camera, or uploading imagery to your LED screen, or flying outside of eyesight or behind obstacles.  There are a number of simple autonomous systems out there sush as APM, vector, Ardu, etc...  in which we have played around with some of these on our blimps with limited success. However, none of these off the shelf systems are ideal for Blimps. Now we are focusing on buildiong our own software from the ground up. We are in some testing phases and plan to release 2 different versions for sale around January 2017, starting around $3900 upgrade.

Please check back here for more info during the coming months.

To the right is a video showing some limited success of one of the off the shelf systems.

If you need a custom flight controller engineered for a non-standard aircraft, please contact us.

Autonomous Airships

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